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About 8 HOURS

8 HOURS is Rockworth’s inaugural online magazine which is the outlet of our passion and interest that we have over some inspiring aspects of lives and we wish to share with people like you.

You might be curious about the name…and ‘No!’ you do not need 8 hours to go through our magazine!

8 HOURS refers to the length of each, out of three, fraction of a day in a person’s life. It is said that we shall (only) spend 8 hours on work, another 8 on sleeping and another 8 on other activities. However, there is no blueprint of how we may spend each of the fractions but we believe that everything we choose to do is to motivate us in becoming a greater person than who we currently are.

Great people were inspired to do great things, hence it is the inspiration that we are interested in as it is one of the means in discovering our potential.

As a producer of office furniture, Rockworth believes that people work to discover their potential because the highest reward in life is the ability to do better. Hence, we vision ourselves to be a part of creating a satisfyingly efficient workplace in which people can cultivate their potential.

We  hope that our online magazine will be your aspiration in unlocking your potential, access your best work.







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