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Creating a satisfyingly efficient workplace in which people can cultivate their potential’. This philosophy has resulted in more satisfying personal achievements and more efficient organizational performance.

We understand that, essentially, a successful organization requires a harmonious integration between people, facilities and technology to achieve the mission of the organization. Rockworth’s design center focus on more comfortable products and space design ideally suited to the needs of its customers. A strong organization and cutting edge facilities also allow for timely and flexible responses to changing market needs. Hence, we are determined to become an expert in the three dimensions of a workplace, under the concepts of 'Human – Space – Technology'.

Form and Function
The physical form of an office facility should compliment and maximize work capabilities, as well as, enhance the potential of users.

Comfort and convenience are the important keys to a pleasant work environment. Our products are responsive to individual physical needs and are simple to use.

Safety is promoted by providing an environment free of undesirable intrusions, preventing injury, as well as promoting good health through good posture.

Our product is designed to cope with various needs by being flexible and totally adjustable because we realize that there is no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’.

We understand that the importance of an aesthetically pleasant workplace will promote satisfaction that subsequently increases work performance. Hence, our products are cleverly designed as a response to user needs.

Space Management
Productive workspace
Rising real estate cost is a major concern for every organization. Therefore, the utmost essential is to maximize the productive workspace whilst minimizing floor space. Only well-designed office furniture allows for that.

Future expansion
Whether it will be an increase in staff or a renovation project, our product will enable the organization to increase productive workspace without expanding floor space. This avoids relocation and can save cost enormously.

Changes in working behaviour
We realize that the nature of work is changing constantly, as has also the utilization of an office space. Our product is designed to efficiently utilize space according to the work style and working behaviour.

Multifunctional product design is an essential factor of space management. Such design can increase the usage of any given working space or serve a totally different demand such as providing meeting space or individual workspace both at the same time.

Technological changes
The business world is developing so rapidly that a minor technological change can affect the style of work and even the whole business structure. Hence, it is our job to keep up with these changes and produce office furniture that not only supports new technologies but also amplifies work efficiency.

Supporting accessories

As well as designing office furniture that supports advancing technologies, we are also involved in providing the technology itself that may work in a complimentary way with other equipment as well as our products. This enhances our determination to unlock the maximum work potential of people.






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