Desk Booking Software

A Desk to Call Your Own Anywhere & Anytime.

Hot, fixed or flexible. However you like your desks, Condeco Desk Booking Software can organise them and reduce your real estate costs. 
In one powerful tool, easily and instantly schedule desks, manage bookings, and find colleagues.

Whatever your workspace needs, Condeco Desk Booking lets you easily set up and manage bookable desk groups. Create hot desks that can be used by anybody, fixed desks reserved for certain departments, or flexible desks, available for specific times.

Benefits for You

  • Enable More Flexibility: However you set up your desks, we help you organize, manage and make them bookable to create a more dynamic work environment.
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Our desk booking solution ensures you maximize the use of your real estate - helping you reduce your energy bill and saving you money.
  • Maximize Desk Usage and Minimize Costs: With the average office utilization at only 39%, we help you allocate the desks you really need to cut real estate costs.
  • Know Your Space Down to the Last Inch: Comprehensive reporting provides data on how often desks are booked and if they were actually used.

Product Features

  • Reporting: Detailed reports deliver intelligence on room and resource usage, user activity and much more.
  • Signage and wayfinding: Condeco’s sleek digital signage solutions make it easy to find and book available rooms and manage no shows.
  • Vendor management: Catering and other resources can be booked and tracked directly within Condeco’s system.
  • Visitor management: The visitor module streamlines meeting invites and visitor passes and notifies a host of arrivals.
  • Scalable Solution: A 100% scalable solution that grows with your organization.
  • Outlook Integration: Integrates with MS Outlook offering you a world-class room booking system directly from your calendar.
  • Video Conferencing: Schedule video conferences across different locations and time zones in one easy booking process.
  • Mobile Room Booking: Our iOS & Android app makes it easy to manage conference room bookings anytime and anywhere.

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