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Walking in His Shoes


The whole world does not necessarily have to praise His Majesty King Bhumibol “King of Kings”,
but we all know there’s nothing compare to his virtues and principles in leading his people’s life over 60 years of his reign. Let us follow King Bhumibol’s working philosophy – let us follow the light that shines through us and guide us to the path of success.

His Majesty’s 9 working wisdoms:

1. “Self-reliance” - Whatever we do, we should be eager to learn, to strive for knowledge in order to really understand it by ourselves. Development will never take place if we depend on other people’s help.

2. “Graduality” – Think and plan carefully by looking at all the aspects, including timing and the nature of an organization, will yield better results than focusing only on speed.

3. “Integrity” – Co-ordinate, share useful information within the organization and learn to do things through teamwork

4. “Oneness Strength” – When an organization is strong and becomes one, then it is ready to fight the external difficulties.

5. “Thoroughly Study” – No theory or practice should be followed unless we truly understand that it is suitable to our problems and organization.

6. “Simplicity” – Our approach -- both in theory and technique -- should be easy to understand and logical so that we can perform tasks better and faster.

7. “Small Problems Matter” – His Majesty always manages things by looking at the big picture first, but he will tackle problems from the easy to the difficult.

8. “People’s Profit” – Every work and goal should emphasize on people and public’s profit rather than money profit.

9. “Sufficiency” and “Reasonable Consumption” – The King’s sufficiency economy theory advocates taking the middle path in life as the optimal route for personal conduct at all levels: Individual, community and country. The practice has become efficient and was acclaimed and utilized worldwide.

If we can walk the way His Majesty walks, think the way His Majesty thinks, then we should be able to lead a reasonable comfortable life.

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