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Designed by me

It’s time to brush up on your presentation skills as it is one of the most powerful tools to convince your boss and your client. We’ve got practical techniques of how to make your presentation smooth and professional.

Sequence your topics

The key is to deliver your ideas in a logical sequence so that your audience gets your message as clear as possible. How? List all of the significant points and organise them from the most to the least. You may add subtopics using bullet points, following by some more details. Always prepare a good conclusionand a ‘thank you’ part at the end of the presentation. Lastly, never miss out who your target audience is.

Choose the right fonts

Try using clear, simple fonts like Angsana New or Cordia New. Apply all headlines with a bold and bigger font. If you’re not sure which font should be perfect, try as many fonts as you can. Then choose the one that looks the best. Most importantly, never use too many fonts in one presentation, because it can be distracting.

Colour it up with visual elements

Adding some excitement to your presentation like photos, graphics, video or audio clips, instead of words alone, can double the chances of meeting your objectives. But remember not to lose track of your topics as it can be confusing. Recheck if they are big enough that the audience is able to see them clearly from the distance. Step back from the screen and look at the overall composition. If your headline, content and the visuals get along well, it should be effective enough.

Keep colours and tones consistent

There are many ways to make your presentation looks consistent. For examples, similar sizes and shapes of pictures, lines, and graphics can be put together. The same way as using colours, you can choose monochrome, earth-tone, or any other colours that can blend together well just like what they do in fashion.

Balance your layout

You don’t have to layout everything in totally balanced way. Sometimes asymmetry can be applied to your presentation pages to help it look less tedious. For example, big graphics on one side can be mingled with smaller ones with heavy cluster of colour on the other side.

Make a great composition

Good composition can make your presentation distinctive and memorable. A big, bold picture is a great way to grab audience’s attention rather than putting equal pictures elements together at the same place. Don’t waste your time focusing on just one point. Try and finish with the whole presentation first, and then get back to check with all details later. That way you’re able to see what to eliminate and what to add.

It’s not that hard, right? Your presentation’s now getting more perfect, professional, powerful, and most of all...designed by you!

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