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Going out for inspiration

The work that demands our creativity could just “fade out” when we only spend our time hanging in the office. Going outside may brighten our minds and we might find new inspiration outside of the boring office.Get yourself up and go out to boost inspirational ideas into your work.

1. GALLERY RMA Standing at Sukhumvit 22 and has always been the source of inspiration for the artist and creative industry members. Here, you are allowed to experience on anything; we can call it “artistic and creativity playground” where you can start the new theories, new ideas and able to attend some workshop. That is why a lot of creative people come here to exchange the ideas and sometimes show their works. Isn’t that interesting?

2. BANGKOK ART AND CULTURE CENTRE Right on the corner of Pathum Wan Intersection. This enormous area is the place to share and learn about art and culture, whereas includes all of areas relevant. The starting ideas is to bring out the cultural assets that we already have and adapt with contemporary creativity and make it become internationally recognized.

3. FOTO UNITED CLUB This is the place-to-be for those who live and breathe photography. It’s the meeting point of both professional and amateur photographer who love to photograph. The concept is “Give the photograph back to the community.” However this is not the competition or anything. This is the place we can purely get the nutrient for our photographic brain. Visit the club on Phra Sumeru Road near Sunset Street.

4. THAI FILM FOUNDATION The organisation that brought up new ideas and new vision through films, not only thai films but also every kind of films across the world. So we can taste new flavour and see things clearer, energized our mind in both work and life. You can join and check out their activities.

5. CRYSTAL DESIGN CENTER (CDC) On the side of Pradit Manutham Road under the Akamai-Ramindra expressway, this is the kingdom of design innovation and house decoration lifestyle. The place itself will give you new ideas on furniture and product design. The place also has a very huge library and a corner you can hang around and work.

6. THAILAND CREATIVE & DESIGN CENTER (TCDC) King of design related exhibition. The place for all to grapple with new creative ideas and have fun on the world famous creative thinkers’ works where you can use as the resource of every kind of design ideas such as products design, fashion design, textile and a lot more. There are also great articles and activities for you to check out. S

o now just get yourself out there, breathe outside the office, because not only you will get fresh new ideas but also fuel up your mind and give your brain something to eat. Come on, we know you’re hungry for all kind of creative ideas!!!

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