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Creating the workspace for all ages

A good workspace does not only make you more productive, but can inspire you too. So how do you go about creating a space that is not only welcoming, but also inclusive, accommodating a modern workforce so diverse in ages, genders, thoughts, preferences and work habits?

The generation gap is obvious here. While Baby Boomers and Generation X prefer a private workspace with clear boundary and process, Generation Y, comprising mostly of new graduates, rejoice in freedom and flexibility. They are keen to socialize with colleagues and technologically savvy.

But there are ways to accommodate such different wants and needs. First we must embrace flexibility, by incorporating private and public spaces. With privacy intact, public space is open to the exchanges of ideas and conversations, where foldable chairs can be taken out for an impromptu meeting. People can congregate around the coffee counter after an in-house training session. The possibilities are endless. These are great ways to get colleagues from different backgrounds to mingle and share. Plus, it helps you save space too.

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