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How To Pack Like A Pro

As the world becomes smaller, business travels especially airplane-bound ones are increasingly becoming more common. “Unlock” was often asked by young professionals of ways to best pack your belongings for such business trips. There are several ways to ensure that you are always fresh and ready on the get-go, even when it comes to meeting clients right after landing.

The key is you need to pack enough formal clothing and keep in mind the following factors.

Know your destination
What season is it? What kind of weather to expect? What is the average temperature? These are some of the very basic questions you need to ask yourself. So you would not be caught shivering, wearing linen jacket in the winter. In addition, check what whether you need adaptors for electricity, so that you can still use your electric shaver or hair dryer.

Know what you have to do
Do not forget what your office has asked you to do. Know the primary tasks you need to do and plan ahead. In the hustle and bustle of work, we can even forget the number of days we need to spend at our destination.

Prepare a Plan B
Even though your main plan is airtight and meticulous, perhaps you would need a Plan B – just in case. Something unexpected might have happened. Sometimes, plan changes for whatever reasons. Plan B can help you anticipated and solve any problem that may arise.

Now pack
Once you have prepared everything, now it comes to packing. Keep this in mind: less is more. Anything superfluous you’ve packed cries out unprofessional. First of all, go for a small suitcase! This is a good first step in limiting what you’d eventually pack. Plus you don’t want to waste your time and energy dragging massive luggage around.

Always go for neutral colour clothes that are easy to mix and match. For the meticulous executives always seen in the sharpest suits, consider packing wrinkle-free items or carry a small iron. Also if you can, avoid clothes made from cotton, since they are quite heavy.

Once you have packed your suitcase, now you would turn your attention to your hand-carry. Whether it is a backpack, a tote or just a regular handbag, always prepare an extra copy of your documents – even though you have all files saved in your trusty memory stick. The last thing you want to do is look lost. Also pick bags with lots of compartments for better organisation.


  • Fold your trousers as you normally do, but roll it up to save space.
  • Roll your socks into tiny balls and stuff them inside your trainers. But don’t forget to put your shoes in a bag to avoid dirtying your clothes.
  • Scarves, items made from silk, and other delicates should be put in a separate bags and pack last.
  • Pack heavy things at the bottom.
  • Wear a jacket with lots of pockets so you can store miscellaneous items and avoid track or sweat suits. Find something elegant and wrinkle-free.
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