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Asianness : key for success

No job is completed successfully single-handedly, getting along well with your colleagues is the ultimate key.

Asians are at an advantage with their unique “characteristic” traits such as manners and behaviours that complement and foster positive working environment. These endearing culturalinduced characteristics have been imbued and passed on for generations. And when adapted to the office context, it’s easy to see how they greatly contribute to happiness and success of the team.

The trait brings a smile to many, especially for foreigners whom are deeply touched by the display of Asian’s modesty that has become one of the most unique characteristics. Humble acts aren’t to be mistaken as being timid. On the contrary, it will gain you appreciation and friendship from colleagues and supervisors. It’s possible and perfectly acceptable to be assertive without appearing aggressive. If you are the manager, do keep in mind that you aren’t all high and mighty; be kind and caring and don’t get stuck up on the titles as it will make you and others suffer in the workplace.

Whether your friends or colleagues, they all need to depend on each other in one way or another. A helping hand in the time of need is much favoured by many. Asians are always praised for their abundant generosity. If the help is offered sincerely, it will not be in vain. Remember, “giving” makes you happier than “receiving.”

Equality is not to be confused with seniority. Regardless of the jobs or the levels, we are free to voice our opinions or thinking openly. However, make sure you don’t appear aggressive. In Asian culture, we respect the seniors because they have more experience and thus they usually know better. Respecting them is the first step of success, especially those who are senior both in age and work experience.

Conflicts in the workplace happen daily. But how do we get over such strife and move on if we don’t hold on to the “unity?” And they said “unity is power” and it is how we should go. Every job requires everyone’s contribution. If team members only concerned with themselves, the project is risking falling apart – working together is the only way forward! Just be open-minded, rely on teamwork and work together towards common goals and the success will be within your grasp.

Another favourite characteristic of the Asian, especially Thai people is “peaceful.” We are ingrained to be highly-compromising, gentle and quiet, especially towards managers or supervisors who are in their “rage mode.” Bitter words or spiteful actions are not doing anyone any good. Compromising and collaborating will ease away the tension for a loving and positive working atmosphere.

Being grateful is an important aspect of many Asian cultures. Not just towards parents, teachers and relatives, it’s as important to show one’s appreciation towards colleagues who have been kind and caring to us. And as part of the company’s employees, it’s also possible to show your gratitude by doing your best at work and contribute to the organisation’s great success.

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