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Toys...on Top


No one grows up without toys, and they are important in every phase of early childhood growth and development. Many grown-ups still play with toys. But the meaning and value of the toy and the way to play it were change, depending on distinct phases of life.

From Wikipedia, a toy is any object used in play. Toys are usually associated with children and pets, but it is not unusual for adult humans to play with toys. Some toys are produced primarily for other purposes and are not intended to be played with. Something you can throw in the air or spin around for pleasure can also be regarded as a toy.
Hence we always see a small toy on someone’s office desk as if it is important piece of work equipment, a relaxation tool or even a mood charger. But you should wisely and cautiously choose your toys since playing with some types of toys like jigsaw puzzles and any other brain teasers may be too addictive and time  consuming.

A toy on your table should be simple and shouldn’t require much time and thought playing. Since most office workers glue themselves to the computer, toys like Rubik’s cube and small robot could help move and flex your fingers and wrists when play. You can squeeze and release a doll or a ball to massage your palms and relax your muscles.

A magnetic board you can write or draw pictures on is also a popular toy which helps exercise your creativity and release your imagination. If you feel trapped inside your head and can’t find a way out, this board toy may give you a different light.

Desk decorations also help clear emotional clutter. Apart from giving your desk a stylish accent to your office décor, Newton’s cradle can send you into a mini-meditation. Instead of staring a computer screen all day, give yourself a break by looking at the medal balls dancing in front of you. Your favorite mini golf toy, small pool table or racing circuit toy amazingly helps relax and nourish your mind, builds a bridge of friendship between you and your colleagues, and brightens an otherwise dull office environment.

A toy on your table reflects your personality, and everyone has different personal interests. The purpose of the play, however, is indifferent. You play to relax, relieve and enjoy.

And most significantly, you play to recharge your emotional battery and regain your work ability.

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