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Feng Shui of a Desk


Many people choose to reorganize their desks whenever they want to start new lives, new beginning. Keeping your workspace clean and tidy is crucial so you always know where your things are and that makes your life less complicated. Your life may be even better—and easier—if you position your desk in a right feng shui.

Feng shui is the Oriental science of creating an optimal living space that is in harmony with its natural setting. Literally translated, “feng” means wind and “shui” means water. Feng Shui concentrates on the natural flow of positive energy for harmony, balance, productivity and happiness in lives, homes and workplaces.

A place with good feng shui is considered an environment that supports and enhances a person's ability to do well physically and emotionally.

There are many feng shui guidelines to enliven your space, from positioning your office desk to placing feng shui objects on your desk. Feng shui also uses color as a cure to promote the appropriate energy for a space. One of the most common tips is that you should position your desk to see the door. This is the minimum feng shui requirement for the office desk, for you to gain more support from your colleagues or superior. Having your desk up against your wall will block your flow of energy. So it’s better to have your back against the wall to ensure that you have protection and support in life and career. Make sure that there are no objects with sharp edges on your desk or appear on your computer screen that could bring obstacles to your life. The color of your desk shouldn’t be black, and you should place some colorful objects on your desk.

Sometimes, however, space limitations could be a problem for placing the right object on your desk or positioning your desk in the right feng shui. But you can still correct the energy in your work environment by decorating and organizing your desk to enhance fresh and positive energy.

Placing a small sculpture or an auspicious object, including mini fountain or a small plant, on a desk is a famous practice for enhancing emotional strength and wellness. Decorating your desk with pictures, knick-knacks and colors can also create a profoundly positive effect on your life. Here are some examples:


Since the principle of feng shui is a natural balance, feng shui of a desk means positioning and organizing the desk that allows you to work efficiently and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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