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Right Chair is all right


How many hours a day do you spend in your chair?

For some, eight hours are spent. Some might spend less while some spend up to ten hours a day seated in a chair.

No matter how long it takes, inarguably, a chair is really an integral part of everyday life. A chair is like a buddy. And career productivity will surely walk hand in hand with pleasure if you have a good, reliable buddy who can greatly assist you.

But, which one can be a delightful companion and a most desirable friend?

Properties of proper chair , proper pal :

- A chair should provide comfortable, full-body sedentary support of which you can sit in at least eight hours without encountering back strains, neck pains and overall body aches.

- A fully adjustable chair is the undisputable "must." Back height, seat depth and width, seat angle and arm support should all be adjustable to be better suited to the different shapes of the users. An ergonomic chair should comprise pneumatic lever adjustment to adjust the seat height, tension knob to fit your body weight and adequate backrest conforming to the natural curvature of your spine and providing adequate lumbar support. A good, ergonomic chair, hence, should accommodate people with a wide range of body size and posture.

- Made from high quality materials, a chair features high density, molded foam or memory foam seat cushion that conforms to your every move, providing excellent stress relieving comfort and support and enhance better blood circulation.

- Chair base should include a wide leg assembly having a plurality of extending legs and with a suitable weight to increase stability and maintain balance when leaning back in the chair.

Having the proper chair is essential. Sitting properly in a “right” chair is one way to prevent discomfort and back strains, and is a right ingredient for a happy, safe and productive work. Choose one of the designs and colors that match your preference, and best of all, it is within your budget.

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