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Being aware of what you eat ...



“You are what you eat” is a classic expression for people of all ages.

The first thing one should keep in mind is ‘being selective’ of what to consume because subsequently it will bring about a healthier lifestyle among other things. Here are the guidelines for working people to work more effectively and refrain from falling asleep after a meal.

To get your day off to a healthy start, eat breakfast. Breakfast is crucial in balancing the sugar level in your bloodstream. High protein and low-fat food such as eggs, whole wheat bread, yogurt or milk are recommended.

Lunch should give you a boost of energy and nutrients you need to complete the tasks at hand throughout the afternoon. Protein rich foods such as meat, eggs, tofu, beans and vegetables will stimulate your brain chemicals, making you feel alert and active. Brown rice is preferred to white rice because it is richer in nutrients and fibers, and it gives you more energy throughout the day. When you have a good balance of sugar in your bloodstream, your body will not be easily exhausted.

Try to avoid deep-fried or stir-fried dishes or those food items that are high in fat such as cheese, margarine or butter. This type of diet is filled with high calories and your body needs a great amount of energy to digest. Consequently, you feel lethargic after a hard digestion. In part, it is also responsible for a higher dose of stress hormones induced in your body.

If your work requires continuous brain activities, salmon or tuna is highly recommended. These fish are rich in Omega 3, one of the best brain foods to energize your brain cells and help enhance neurotransmission.

Those who work with data and require a lot of memorizing, the diets abundant with choline in brown rice, corn or green vegetables are recommended.

Rich multivitamins and minerals in vegetables or fruit juices can always refresh your body. Strawberries are proven to help develop the learning part of your brain and its muscles; however, no sugar should be added. Whole fruit blends like smoothies are better than squeezed juice because they give a vaster quantity of nutrients. Also, you should not sip the juice slowly because the acid in the juice will rot your teeth, and that will result in tooth decay.

So in your lunchtime today, choose your lunch wisely and feel freshly all day long!!

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