We believe that hard work pays off, and after 45 years in business our proven track record is something we are incredibly proud of.


“Rockworth is a company I can trust to consistently deliver great quality product solutions, at a competitive price.”

We are Rockworth, an international leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of workspace solutions. With more than 44 years of expertise, covering everything from space planning and consultation, product design and manufacture, to quality control  and shipping globally; we are the partner of choice.

Everything we do is driven by a desire to deliver effective, well-designed space and furniture solutions for our clients;  working collaboratively with them to truly understand their needs and the needs of their clients, to develop quality products, supported by a responsive service, at a price that cannot be beaten.

The world of work is changing at an ever-increasing rate, presenting continued challenges across the utilization of space, technology and the way in which people interact with both. Working collaboratively with our network of partners, we offer a breadth of expertise and key understanding of these challenges; developing fit for purpose, functional design-led solutions and quality you can rely upon.

We have delivered effective workplace solutions for over 1,000 repeated corporate clients, across 15 industries, sharing and applying our expertise and vast experience to transform and improve the space which people live and work.

Solutions  Global expertise with a local touch. Partnering with Rockworth opens up a world of solutions; providing you and your clients with the opportunity to work with our global experts to develop collaborative solutions, according to the specific needs of your brief.

Manufacturing  State of the art, sustainable manufacturing. Our expansive capability delivers state of the art automation, across our global sites, enabling the creation of consistent quality products delivered in competitive
production lead-times.

Service  A truly responsive service. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide excellent customer service, no matter where you are. Our network of dealers and partners, along with our global supply chain, work as one to deliver quality on time. 


We build perfect partners to maximise your performance.

With over 1,200 staff, working across 27 countries - we provide a strong international presence through the distribution of quality products and services through a network  of our direct Sales force and independent authorized dealerships, delivering the best in office space solutions. Servicing over 1,000 repeated corporate customers, across 22 market sectors, we have the breadth of experience and knowledge to offer outstanding services with a difference. 

Rockworth’s direct sales force and authorized dealers offer a wide range of services to fully support you in the short to long-term management of any project; from planning, ordering to installation and ongoing service of products for your workspace, ensuring  you get what you need, exactly when you need it.


As a manufacturer of innovative Office System Furniture, our vision is to consistently create a satisfying efficient workplace in which people can cultivate their potential.

“Rockworth understand the essence of working as a team, consistently helping us to transform our office space, bringing our concepts to life.”

Working hand in hand with clients and key partners, across the globe, we work collaboratively to fully understand your requirements, drawing on our expert R&D team to identify, develop and deliver solutions together, to transform your  working environment, increasing productivity and wellbeing. 

We believe in being proactive and responsive to work as part of a dynamic team that delivers results; that’s why our customer service is designed to support  you every step of the way from planning, design development to manufacture, installation and after sales services. We work as one team to fulfil your needs and ultimately the needs of your workforce. From offering the best in ergonomic seating to versatile use of interactive and focused work spaces, we deliver a complete solution.


Beautiful design meets practical functionality. 

“A lively office atmosphere is a key factor in motivating employee behaviour, improving employee satisfaction and increasing loyalty and morale.” 

True inspiration comes from dynamic working environments. We at Rockworth, understand the need to bring imagination and creative solutions to our clients and partners. Now, more than ever the work place needs to;

Reflect the continuous changes in technology and ongoing shifts in working culture. 

Promote a sense of well-being, purpose, functionality and inspiration; providing people with flexible and dynamic environments in which to grow and develop.

There is a significant need for organizations to create workspaces and products with flexibility built-in, providing users with the freedom to change and adapt to new ways of working, layouts and forms.  As such, we invest in research and development to ensure our solutions are at the forefront of office furniture trends, in line with key design, cultural and socio-economic trends.


We are constantly moving forward, working with our partners across  the globe to bring our clients the latest in office space solutions, quality products and responsive customer service. 

At Rockworth we believe in the power of collaboration to make progress and move forward, in the ever-changing world of the working environment. More and more businesses are realizing the real impact workplace design has on productivity and ultimately their bottom line. Trends in
data-driven and activity-based design now give us the capability to have a much greater understanding of how employees work and interact.

We take the time to fully understand our clients' requirements, before working with them and our partners to deliver a work space solution that considers the latest trends, developing fit for purpose products, in line with their environmental vision.
We then look to maximize versatility through multi-functional design, to withstand the fast rate of change that is now commonplace.

Our ability to respond to clients needs is backed further by a highly responsive customer-service model, which aims to provide support at every step of the project, from planning, design to pre and post installation. Our global network of dealers are driven by a code of excellence.

Our reputation for quality manufacture of office furniture still stands today. This is partly due to our ongoing investment in state of the art manufacturing technology;  driving efficiencies and repeatability through automation and lean methodologies. This ultimately allows us to deliver products at a much faster lead-time than our competitors. Our ability to respond to clients’ needs is backed further by a highly responsive customer-service model, which aims to provide support at every step of the project, from planning, design to pre and post installation. Our global network of direct sales force and dealers are driven by a code of excellence.