3M Thailand


3M is one of the most popular brands and its products have been used around the world. More than 50,000 items in eight categories range from products within the household and office stationery to heavy industries such as construction, electricity, electronics, automobile and chemicals, including products in medical practice.

Founded in 1902, 3M has continuously researched and developed new products for consumers. It is considered one of the leading technology innovators of a myriad of products in the industry. Not only the success of the company means quality goods, but it also signifies growth of their human resources.

In a bid to improve work productivity, 3M focuses on the freedom and high mobility of their employees at the office. ‘Work Anywhere Anytime’ concept is integrated into the new office design, changing the face of old setting to a new and fresher environment as well as taking advantage of the technology to the utmost.

“With WI-FI and ADSL internet connection, our employees can work and use their laptops anywhere in the office, or even work remotely from home. They can choose their own workspace. Either inside or outside the office, we can cooperate, correspond and exchange our ideas. We also place modern furniture in the office to create a relaxing and vibrant atmosphere,” said Vichai Jiratakerngkrai, IT & Office Services Department Manager. “We plan to make an investment in 3G technology when it is all set in Thailand. When those days come, our employees can work anywhere and everywhere near our clients’ offices or even at the train stations, so that they don’t have to get stuck in traffic jam coming to work in the heart of the city. With our satellite offices concept, everywhere is our office.”

Each employer in this transformational office also has his own mobile cabinet that can be moved anywhere. Since the company is still growing towards the future, this demonstrates 3M’s vision as a leading creator and innovator to prepare for the greater amount of incoming personnel. 3M is a true leader of creative innovations. 


Besides work efficiency, what 3M values the most is employees’ happiness, and you can feel such vibes once stepping into the office of 3M Thailand Co. Ltd. 

The vivacity of atmosphere is prominent in this office. Each piece of furniture carefully and orderly placed reinforces the office space to be visually and physically relaxing and exciting. Applying 3M products’ uniqueness into the interior design also well reflects the company identity.

“Good mobility enabling the employees to sit down and work anywhere in the office was what the customer (3M) requested. Hence, we designed a flexible workspace by combining work and relaxing zones together,” said Thong-ek Horsiridham, one of the design team members from T’int Design Studio, the design company famed for its creative layouts and good usage of materials and colors.The narrow strip shape of the office space, however, became the challenge of this project. 

“Normally office space is round but this building is long and rectangular. Since the corridor must be wide enough, we had to allocate the area into different units and parallel the desks and sofas along the long rectangular strip. At each desk, junction box with electricity cord and LAN line has been installed. The employees can bring their personal mobile unit and simply plug it in, and they’re all set. A chair can easily be moved from one desk to the other. It really is a freestyle office,” he added. 

“We chose Rockworth’s work station because of its ergonomics. Their chairs, made from various materials of your choice, can be adjusted in many different levels and they’re also well ventilated. The modern looking desks are built from long-lasting materials, each carrying junction box to hide all messy wires,” he said. 

Apart from good mobility within limited space, the office is given a relaxing atmosphere with graphic patterns on transparent glass sheets.“We try to incorporate the identity of 3M products in all areas not only to show that 3M is proud of their products, but also to show their work style. For instance, the graphics on the glass sheets refer to 3M film products. Colors used are also a reminder of Post-it. Actually 3M carries a great number of products but for the most part we selected some stationery for this office,” he explained. 

Products are not solely what represents your workplace, but style and work environment also distinguish the identity and characteristics of the company.

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