Ace Headquarters



ACE INA Overseas Insurance might be an unfamiliar name. The company is providing the service of non-life insurance under brand “ACE Insurance”. The company is a member of the ACE Group of Companies, one of the leading global providers of insurance and reinsurance. With the operations in more than 50 countries and provides a diversified range of products and excellent services to clients in over 140 countries. ACE's core operating companies are rated A+ by Standard & Poor's and AM Best.

As insurance business is all about providing security for your future, the company has paid attention to every minute detail to ensure client satisfaction, and to gain and retain its clients’ trust—from providing a first-rate counseling service to claims handling.

And this is the reason why ACE Insurance has an outstanding record of more than 60 years of excellence operation in Thailand. Apart from paying great attention to the specific needs of specific clients, ACE Insurance also pays heed to the needs of its staff members who play an active role in providing exceptional support and assistance to its significant clients.

Every detail, ever operation of every process is something that ACE Insurance never fails to notice. 


Not only the insurance company provides clients with current security, it also gives them future stability. The accuracy of information given to all parties involved is the first priority. And those bearing such important responsibility are the team of call center representatives. 

At ACE Ina Overseas Insurance Ltd., dedicated their main office space to call centers. Being one of the world’s leaders in interior design, Woods Bagot (Thailand) Ltd. has been chosen to design ACE’s new office.

“Most of ACE employees work in the call center division and normally the call center operational area are seen as a boring line-up of cubicles like those working in a sweatshop. We were thinking of the ways to break away from such monotony. We wanted something different, variety and fun,” said Sirirat Chunprathipthong, an interior design project leader. She added that the typical working conditions of call center are actually the key to selecting the concept of ‘open space’ for the new office. 

“Even though it is an open space, ACE still wants their employees to have some privacy by having partitions between them. If the partitions are too low, noise disturbance may arise. But if these partitions are too high , it might make them feel stuffy or claustrophobic. We incorporated the design that will make the call reps feel that their workplace is spacious, giving them a lively and fun ambience," said Darunee Prinyanut, a design project director. 

A variety of colors help disperse the feeling of the tight and closed space. Even though it is more difficult to install and segue similar shades of colors onto the partitions, the outcome of a better and vital atmosphere is completely worth the challenge. 

The selections of furniture and office appliances must go through the bidding posted by ACE, and suppliers must present the mock-ups. “We gave our specifications to all suppliers, perhaps 6 or 7 of them, and they had to show us their mock-ups. We chose Rockworth for many reasons. We liked their designs and prices as well as their flexibility when we requested the partitions to be equipped with the sound-proof materials,” said the project director.

Beauty and practical use are crucial especially when it comes to designing a place where people spend a tremendous amount of time everyday working. Both factors should not be compromised. And the positive outcomes are the success of the design team and the satisfaction of the ACE Ina Overseas Insurance, the company that values the importance of the vibrant working environment for its employees.

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