Adidas Group


Mission and Values

We are striving to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry and this demands that we return strong financial results. But leadership is not only about results, it is also about how success is achieved. We are accountable for the way we do business. In particular, we accept responsibility for the way our products are manufactured by our suppliers. By our actions we can – and should – improve the lives of workers who make our products.

Our vision is for everyone in the Group and the supply chain to share a common set of values and to follow responsible business practices. As well as improving working conditions in suppliers’ factories, being responsible also means:

-Reducing the environmental impacts of our operations.

-Caring for the welfare and development of our employees.

-Making a positive difference to people in the communities where we operate.

Adidas has a clear mission – “to be the leading sports brand in the world”. To accomplish this mission, the brand comprises two divisions that reflect two distinct market segments: Sport Performance and Sport Style. Product and marketing initiatives at adidas primarily focus on five global priorities, which are expected to generate over 80 % of the brand’s top-line growth until 2010: running, football, basketball, training and Originals. The adidas brand attitude“impossible is nothing” drives all brand communication initiatives and helps strengthen the brand’s bond with consumers. With a well-defined and segmented distribution approach and a premium-price strategy, adidas clearly positions itself as a top-notch brand in all markets.

The success of adidas Group is a direct result of the commitment and talents of the people who work for us. We are dedicated to finding, developing and retaining the best people for our company. In return, we aim to make sure that our employees are happy and motivated. We offer them a challenging, fun and financially rewarding working environment, where fair competition and a responsible attitude towards the environment and our internal and external business relationships are encouraged.

HASSELL Australia’s Outstanding Individuality of Unique Design

Design and architectural firm HASSELL was born in Australia. As one of Asia’s leading design companies specializing in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and urban design, HASSELL is well known and respected throughout the region with a strong focus on outstanding innovative design for environmental sustainability. HASSELL initially started providing professional design services in Australia and now has grown to include a number of studios across China, Hong Kong and Thailand. And HASSELL is also the secret behind the innovative design of the Adidas office in Thailand. “Our concept was to put an emphasis on its status as an unmistakably exceptional sports product company. We tried to transform the Adidas slogan ‘impossible is nothing’ and its signature logo into an efficient, innovative and outstanding office space,” said Chayanan Phanuamphi, Associate of HASSELL.

Logo details are also used in interior design and decoration to highlight the brand position, to create a dynamic atmosphere and to motivate and inspire its staff. “We used Adidas’ bold signature stripes to create and maintain an atmosphere of innovation and creative collaboration, moving together in a forward direction. And the office uses a black and white color for a more modern, trendy look,” he said.

Additionally, every piece of furniture and equipment has been carefully selected to both function and style as well as to reflect corporate standards and brand image. Most of furniture used in the Adidas office is Rockworth. “We painstakingly chose modern furniture objects made of top-quality components and materials that reflect the highest artistic value and modern design significance. For office desks, we use screen partition with a steel frame structured with blue-colored fabric to prevent echo and create a vibrant environment,” he said.

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