Over 25 years of its operations, Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited, majority owned by the Thai Finance Ministry and controlled by the Ministry of Energy, has reflected its image in no such difference from other state-owned enterprises. But that doesn’t stop Bangchak from progressing. Not long after new innovations, such as Gasohol 91, 95, E20, E85 and Power D formula B2 and B5, were introduced as Thailand’s alternative energy, Bangchak has been recognized as one of the country’s top petroleum companies.

Moving the company’s headquarters to its new locality at Energy Complex (ENCO) has mirrored Bangchak’s more novel image. Office Efficiency Development Division Manager, Watcharapong Suppitag, who is in charge of the project from the start told us that designing the new office space is something that can’t be overlooked. “We only briefed them we wanted the environment that reflects our standing ground which is ‘Modern and Energy Saving.’ We couldn’t believe Space Matrix came up with exactly what we had imagined.” The challenge is the design team has to design and arrange droplet-shaped space of 2,150 square meters for 100-120 staff together with over 10 executives.

Space Matrix did a great job, by giving stunning view to every one of them. “The staffs sit opposite each other in groups in an open space. They are slightly divided up by a 30 cm. high partitions which give them some rooms and the feeling of privacy. Painted white and decorated with transparent glass, the place is bright and encourages everyone to work creatively. And because we want to design this small space resourcefully, the restroom is not included in the executive rooms.” Space Matrix applied the interior with modern decoration materials: from sizeable colored glass with aluminum edging, stained glass in bamboo patterns, to vibrant graphics inspired by oil drops scattering on water surface.Watcharapong said he didn’t choose ROCKWORTH just because the design team suggested him to, but he believed it was the best choice. “Everyone loves to pay less for high quality products. To me, office furniture has to be beautiful, functional, multitasked, and at reasonable price.

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