Crystal Design Center



Great hangout place for design lovers! Crystal Design Center (CDC) was launched two years ago and has grown to be such a new haven for those who crave for world-class and quality designed items. Here, not only can you meet up with designers face-to-face, but this center also offers you wide range of design information through its knowledge center.

Contrary to its variety on design purposes, the CDC’s office is intended to be guileless style in the midst of small elements – all of which reflect its design expertise. “Here at our office, we focus more on functionality. You can see that a working space is kind of private and quite flexible. While limited space, our office was designed to be compliant for newcomers and less on design aspects. We finally agreed to put the use of the furniture at their fullest and the CDC’s corporate logo color, which is green, to remind everyone of our identity,” said Kitpote Chuntasto, Vice President – Architect Design Department, CDC. Featuring the organization’s distinctive design dexterity, the collection of the furniture used becomes very crucial in the eyes of Kitpote. “Many pieces of our furniture are imported, because we are design center. We want to provide opportunities for our clients to get to know the best and world-class furniture.

Anyway these items are mingled well with high quality design of Thai products, for example, we displayed international branded furniture together with Rockworth’s in the conference center area. That’s a very good combination! We love it!” “Our principle is: one piece of furniture should be multi-tasking. Whether to serve the needs of more staff getting in or the space conforming, good furniture should provide all the answers. ROCKWORTH furniture never let us down. They are in top quality, blessing designs and colors, and come with selections of materials. We cannot overlook all those details, because we spend long hours each day, every day, sitting on the chair. It is important to choose the professional office furniture brand like Rockworth for those incomparable qualities and after sales services. This is what we chose.” Kitpote added that good designs can elevate the capacity of work. “The interior team did manage the space and its functions quite efficiently. They separated spacious floor plan with small dividers so that people can work privately on their own. At the same time, they can work together as a team. Even some small details like the hidden wires, practical desks, and the option of soft tone color have delicately chosen to inspire people at work.”


Even though Design Worldwide Partnership (dwp) received recognition and awards both in national and international levels, Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon, Partner, Business Development of dwp admitted she worked up a sweat in the CDC project. The veteran project head told 8HOURS Magazine, “We knew we had to follow the CDC theme concept of becoming one of the largest design centers. Back then, these design centers were seen in the States, Germany, and in Europe. There was nothing like that in Asia. So we had to do lots of researches of who the customers were going to be.

It appeared that the number one target customer were designers, then those who were building their house. This gave me bunch of challenge, because we had to set our standard high enough to show this project to other designers who were our direct customers.” Sarinrath decided to develop the CDC in a new spectacular way with the wit of simplicity. “We avoided something replicated. This project needed something novel. So we decorated the Conference Center on the 2nd floor with the brand-named furniture and applied every corner with completely different characteristics. In other words, we’d love the customers to experience diverse views and thoughts. Another exhilarating part was that we mixed architectural ingredients to bring life and flow to our interior designs. When you look at the triangular plan of the atrium, it looks similar to the CDC’s logo. We also play with this form whether on the shape of wall decorations or carpets to highlight the uniqueness of the idea. For working area, we made it an open office. A private office would only belong to an executive, and the rest would be divided into meeting rooms.

The CDC team has made it easier for us since they could give us the whole concept of what they really wanted. Apart from that, their inhouse design team also gave us a big hand when it came to quality control.” In the furnishing part, Sarinrath ensured she and her team chose the best quality furniture for everyone. “The right furniture depends on each individual’s work and duty. For example, a flexible working space is designed for salesperson, who is not going to sit long hours in the office. Then they can work as individual and also work in team.” “We always present many furniture brands to our customers, depending on our design concept. But in the end, every detail including the looks and functionality are all that matter,” Sarinrath ended the interview with a smile.

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