DKSH (Thailand) Limited

It's typical for any company to extend the office space to accomodate their business growth. However, for an international company DKSH (Thailand) Limited, it means 10 floor office building for healthcare product department and another 5-floor for technology  business deepartment.

This 10,000 sq.m. Space is house up to 2,000 employees. The project has to be completed within the time frame of 60 days. The super tight deadlines and exiciting challenge that requries not only extensive planning but also excellent and seamless cooperation between "DKSH (Thailand) Limited and its partners.

“White, grey, red in a crisp form” sums up the corporate character. Given DKSH’s Global branding policy that governs the use of colours and materials, Kultida Leenabanchong, Corporate Communications Manager had to be more scrupulous in the choice of decoration. The office’s identity reflects DKSH’s sense and style from the beech-coloured desk, crisp cut furniture shapes with no curves, especially the Grey Bar which is like DKSH’s symbol. Upon a closer look, you will see this grey bar everywhere, for example, on company’s collaterals like Crisp cut furniture without curves.posters and brochures. The same design in decoration helps align the interior design to the company’s branding. With the branding identity issue addressed, the next challenge is “building the office that works in accord with 2,000 staffs.” This plays another key aspect of the interior design that is reflected through floor plan which allows easy access to the office zone with grouping desk alignment to facilitate interaction between colleagues, foster creative thinking and brainstorming. Another positive response is the installation of staff lockers which not only helps in terms of space management but also looks tidy and provides a sense of privacy for all staffs.

Employees were also given a chance to help choosing office furniture such as chairs. They got to test and trial different models, as they are the one who would be really using them regularly.

“We chose Rockworth because we are confident that they would be able to meet our needs in terms of design, function and quality.”

However, the project was delayed by  Bangkok’s flooding crisis in 2011, the project’s  owner at the time, Thanwadee Yothinparithad,  Building & General Admin Manager, Central Services, Building & General Admin was the  main contact point who facilitated great collaboration with all involving parties to ensure  a timely project completion, and Rockworth successfully met the production timeline and delivered quality work as agreed. 

This precise choice of decoration design answers both the corporate identity and functional challenges, making DKSH (Thailand) Limited not only an office building but also a creative space for its people that will help moving company forward.

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