Jones Lang Lasalle Thailand


An area of 700 square meters may be too cramped for an office packed with 100 staff members and furniture of all kinds from filing cabinets, desks and chairs to office equipment.  But at Jones Lang LaSalle, everything seems to be fitting perfectly into place.

Because of its - their managing and organizing expertise, Jones Lang LaSalle well organizes its - their office space to enhance cozy and comfortable working atmosphere.

A global financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate, Jones Lang LaSalle originated - founded in England 225 years ago and has operated in more than 700 cities in 60 countries. With 18 years of experience in Thailand, the company has gained nationwide prominence among several public and private sectors for its - their expertise at real estate and investment management. its - their clients include Manulife Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Adidas Company Limited, whose stories of their inspiration offices were published last year in 8HOURS Q2 and Q3 respectively.

“We are at the forefront of the real estate industry—we are a global firm serving clients locally, regionally and internationally,” said Supin Meechucheep, president of Jones Lang LaSalle (Thailand) Company Limited. “We have applied the knowledge and lessons learned in developing complex properties such as office buildings and department stores in America, Europe or Australia to Thailand and other countries in Asia-Pacific.”

Jones Lang LaSalle is also best known for its international standards. In special occasions and projects, the company can swap its staff to other branches in other cities or countries upon request.


As Jones Lang LaSalle has globally improved its image, the Project and Development Services division of Jones Lang LaSalle (Thailand) takes this occasion to redecorate its Bangkok office to reflect the company’s experience and expertise through its own office design.

“We did our own office interior design and redecorating in accordance with our work style and environment,” said Attakit Rojanapaibulya, Associate Director, Project and Development Services, Jones Lang LaSalle (Thailand).

“For the office structure, we hired an outside supplier. Since we have a lot of experience in planning design from previous projects, we choose our own color theme and materials”he said,adding that the open plan office with the corporate identity color scheme in white, red and black effectively enhances a healthy work atmosphere and relationship among staff members in different divisions.

The Project and Development Services division also pays great attention to the selection of new office furniture, equipments and systems that provide great convenience to the full-time and part-time staff members. Rockworth’s modern office desks, Ergonomic chair and storage systems serve multiple functions, take up little space, and can be adapted to different requirements in workspaces or private areas.

“Our staff members increase 30 percent while space remains the same. Hence, space management is very important,” said president Supin. “We made a significant change in our office design, and it turned out that our staff all benefit from smart design decision. An office atmosphere is the key to productivity at work. Our staff members have become more active, and agree that this new modern office makes their work hours more attractive and productive.”

“The world is changing everyday. We are the real estate expert, so we want to show our clients that we are at the forefront of the development of space management solutions,” president Supin explained the reason for the change. “Our clients are concerned about cost. We would like to show them that having a well managed and organized space helps manage and control their spending.”

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