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In any workplace, freedom of ideas is of the utmost importance and desire to every member of staff. Freedom access to ideas and freedom of expression are bedrock principles that are necessary to creating healthy, productive organizations.

A subsidiary of the globally-impacting, German-based Merck Group, Merck Ltd. Thailand is one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceuticals and chemicals to hospitals, institutions and the industry in Thailand. Merck Ltd. Thailand treats its employees professionally, enhancing the professional skills and capabilities of its employees and improving the quality of their lives with great care and respect. Evidently, this “caring environment” reflects in the office and its pleasant décor, featuring stylish professional area and comfortable, private space.


Merck’s overall business attitude is shaped by its four “Cares” –care for its customers, care for its employees, care for its shareholders and care for the societies in which Merck conducts its business.

Having an inspired and engaged workforce, therefore, is the key to provide employees with maximum joy at work. It was what Mr. Heinz Landau, chairman and managing director of Merck Ltd. Thailand, expected to happen. And he successfully made it happened right after the neighboring company moved out, leaving the “next door” open for him.

“We always wished to expand our office space. Since our neighbor moved its office, we had a tremendous opportunity to expedite and expand the office with more functional areas and meeting rooms. Our employees can relax in the coffee corner and chill-out zone where they can work, read books and enjoy themselves in a restful, chillaxing working atmosphere,” said Mr. Landau.


Mr. Landau believes that a lively office atmosphere is a key factor in motivating employee behavior, improving employee satisfaction and increasing loyalty and morale. Apart from giving customers a positive impression of the company, enriching environment provides prospective candidates aspiration to become a part of Merck family.

The person behind this “atmosphere for success” is Be Gray Interior and Architecture Co., Ltd., who has been responsible for designing and decorating the original and the new Merck’s office areas since 2000.

“Our company has been established for nine years and we have been working with Merck for seven years. Since we were picked to pitch a planned expansion of the Merck office, we had evaluated customer needs in order to provide an optimum service. Since our modern style architecture and design matched Mr. Landau’s ideas, we have had more opportunities to serve Merck, and we have known each other a lot better,” said Viwat Kunalungkarn, project manager of Be Gray.

“Mr. Landau treats his staff with great care in both career and emotional issues. He rewards his employees for their hard work and dedication to the job by providing them a good, healthy working environment. Our designers then created an expanded work zone, new meeting rooms and a comfortable common area where staff can work, hang out, chill and relax,” he said.

Be Gray has transformed the office into the stylish place under a unique “making the most of the area” decorating concept, said Patavee Teeravanitchanunt, one of the two interior designers of this project. “Based on the rooms’ primary function and employee behavior, we made the rooms multifunctional. The large meeting room, named TWO-in-ONE, was used only twice a month, for instance, was redesigned to support another function as a studio room for evening exercise class. For smaller rooms, which were always left out of people’s attention unless there were any meetings, we took off a few walls, brought in sofas and used a transparent glass wall that can turn into an opaque when needed. We simply didn’t want to leave space unused.”


“70 percent of the whole area is decorated in shades of blue and grey, an area mainly for business aspects, and the rest is the newly renovated orange-dominated area. This 30 percent of the area also fits Merck’s corporate identity—a 70/30 proportion comprising blue, yellow and orange. Thus, the orange zone is like the highlighted area in Merck’s logo,” said another interior designer Pitipatana Jongsomjitt.

For the color selection, he added, vibrant orange is not only outstanding but also reflects the physical aspect of the brand.For decoration materials, everything must be well-designed, high-quality and sturdy with its ability to blend into any rooms in the office.

“Firstly, I had never thought of any particular brands. My furniture selection was based on both functionality and design. Rockworth’s wall system is not just a piece furniture or decoration. Rather, it’s a true problem solver that effectively resolves problems of piles of document with limited storage space. We wanted everything either to be plugged into the wall or to look like a part of it, giving a more spacious feeling. Unlike those flashy ones, we would like the furniture to be really functional. And Rockworth has given us the right solution,” Be Gray’s project manager said.

These are ideas behind the furniture selection and how Be Gray has made everything perfectly fit the Merck office. For members of Merck, nothing is comparable to working in a perfect environment with perfect bosses and perfect colleagues.

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