MINI Thailand



The MINI is an outstanding car with extraordinary abilities. Consistently enhanced and refined in design and state-of-the-art drive technology, MINI retains its position as the definitive premium small car. With the wide range of standard equipment and the sophisticated finish, MINI is not only a car, but a lifestyle.

And, for these premium mini cars, their “home” definitely goes far beyond an ordinary definition of showroom. The MINI Square on Soi Ekkamai is a flat-roofed, box-like structure, the largest MINI showroom whose architectural roots can be traced to the Bauhaus architecture of Germany.

“It’s like you are making a big pile of boxes, but in an extraordinary, artistic way of mapping the multi-dimensional and multi-function space into the building. The building has multi-layered compositions that are visually and spatially exciting,” said Sompraj Bosuwan, assistant general manager Millennium Auto Co., Ltd. Authorized MINI Dealer. TheMINI Square was designed by Nicholas Ott, architect of BMW Group and Waroon Limchalerm, architect of The Office of Bangkok Architect Co., Ltd.

If you drive past the six-storey showroom you would see it like a pile of huge black boxes, some of which are transparent, making the building truly unique, reflecting the premium standard of the MINI brand in every respect.

The building incorporates concrete, steel and glass in a simple-design effect providing an expansive, weightless appearance with modern design and a feeling of spaciousness. A wide range of small, colorful premium MINI in the boxes also enhances a great artistic feeling of the showroom design, making it a functional and attractive venue for MINI enthusiasts.

Both exterior and interior spaces are purpose-built, designed to provide customers with a premium-brand environment. The first floor is devoted to new car showroom, reception and service areas, souvenir corner and internet café, where visitors can enjoy a touch of the MINI lifestyle.

MINI “Next” used-car showroom is on the second floor. Apart from office area on this floor, there’s a plenty of space for relaxing, entertaining, watching movies, reading favorite books or hanging out with friends. There’s also a conference room where you can use for meetings. Just don’t forget to book the room in advance!

The third and the fourth floor are for servicing and parts inventory. Here we serve one-stop service that many maintenance and repair services can be professionally performed. “We strive to uphold the highest levels of customer satisfaction and professional service. Customers don’t have to search for services at other places and they can drive out when the car is ready,” Sompraj said.

Up to 50 MINIs can be parked on the fifth floor. An Italian restaurant called “Fuzio Stylish Restaurant and Bar” sits on the sixth floor and features a panoramic view of the city. It’s a Modern-Classic style restaurant where customers can experience unique culinary delights presented by professional Italian chef. 

“Every customer can use the facility here, from MINI café and meeting room to the restaurant on the 6th floor. We want to turn this place into a home of MINI customers. They can do anything here from getting the car checked, eating, drinking coffee or having a meeting,” said Sompraj.

“Our target customers usually possess distinctive lifestyles and personalities so we’ve tried to make this a thoroughly modern place to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. For instance, we see that here’s the first place in the world where we combine together car showroom and specialist coffee house, True Café, to reach and satisfy our loyal customers. When our customers are waiting for their cars, they can take a sip of good coffee, surf the net or have a nice Italian dish,” he said.

In addition to the full facility in the MINI home, decorations and furniture sets used in the office area also reflect a certain uniformity of MINI design.

“The use of any furnishings and furniture gives the showroom a sense of integrity that our firm strives to achieve. We put our emphasis on aesthetic appeal, function and design. The office furniture we used in both MINI and BMW showrooms is from Rockworth as we trust in the brand standards, functionality and quality in art and design. Unlike other beautiful but impractical designed works, Rockworth’s furniture styles perfectly enhance MINI’s showroom image.”

With a series of well-selected items, the absolutely unique concept of the MINI Square offers stylish, self-confident customers and visitors the exciting opportunity to discover the MINI lifestyle and experience. No doubt that the MINI showroom is a voyage beyond ordinary showroom.

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