PTT Polymer Marketing


More than 30 years in petrochemical business in Thailand, PTT Group has been continuously growing and has built a strong foundation and reputation among the industry. PTT Polymer Marketing Company Limited (PTTPM), one of PTT group of companies, was founded in 2005 as a polymer marketing arm for PTT Group. PTTPM not only has a major role in sales force, but also has to follow its mother company’s footsteps of success.

“We’ve got many missions to accomplish, because our factory is the nation’s biggest industrial unit. So it’s necessary that we have to be able to meet with high standards as well as to reach high volume of sales. Right now our company exports petrochemical products to countries throughout the world, and is ASEAN’s number one polyethylene’s exporter. Our factory operates 24 hours, 356 days a year – around-the-clock – so does our sales team. In the beginning, we sold an average of 500,000 tons per year. Now the sales growth has become 4 times already,” Saravut Damrichob, Manager, Finance & Accounting Department, told us about the company’s obligations. Promptness-oriented, PTTPM has put their effort through electronic operations and services where each staff is working on their own personal PDA: trading, payment transactions, internal and external communications.

Because an average age of PTTPM’s 130 staff is about 30 years old, Saravut stressed that a new working space design should match their demands and lifestyles. “We think marketing jobs require high creativity so we briefed a design team in details of how we actually work, and that our staffs are new generation. Finally they come up with the ‘Blooming’ concept, which conveys that this company is blooming and prospering by the hands of this young generation, which we like.

So the design theme has to reflect modernity and convenience aspects. You’ll see our staffs can work wherever they want in the office. They don’t have to sit at their desks, because the whole office building provides a wireless network, and all of them are able to use their own laptop, PDA phone when they want and where they want. For example, in the meeting, our staffs don’t have to connect their laptop to the LCD. All they need is having a thumb drive, and because of that, there will be enough space on the meeting table to put some cups of coffee.

“We also choose the best office furniture. It is necessary that our employees see, touch, and try it themselves, because they are the ones 13 who will use the furniture for a long period of time. When our staff had tried ROCKWORTH’s chairs and satisfied with the quality and design, we decided to use ROCKWORTH’s furniture,” Saravut said. Moreover, PTTPM has divided its office zones with purple, blue, and green partitions. Trendy document cabinets have been chosen for tidiness and variety of furniture are properly mingled for modern lifestyle and relaxation. “Although it’s a time-consuming process, it’s my pleasure to invest it on office space. Now I can feel that everyone is happy about their newly designed office. They want to come and work in the office more than ever. Even our customers feel the same. This gives nothing but the best result for our company.”


The integration of energy group of companies under a big umbrella of PTT, has led to the building of the Energy Complex on Vibhavadi Rangsit road. On the 8th and 9th floors of this complex, stands PTTPM (PTT Polymer Marketing Company Limited)’s office, where PIA Interior Co., Ltd. had a chance to team up with PTTPM committee to work together towards the goal of creating an excellent working space.

Since PTTPM is a marketing company – a facade for all customer receptions and contacts – the design team has eventually came up with “The Beauty of Simplicity” as the design concept, which represents the company’s sustainable marketing strategy. The idea has also reflected the beauty of ‘blossoming’ flower and its gradual ‘growth’ by using basic lines and curves, including different hues to add some attractive senses to the fun working environment where creativity and efficiency are crucial.

To match with each individual operational style and each department’s activities, workstation has been designed at almost the same dimension under an Open Plan Strategy to handle the future changes whether it is the business expansion or the personnel adjustment. And to make the open space an ideal workplace for everyone, materials and decorating items are carefully chosen to eliminate noise, but at the same time not to block eye visuals.

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