The Moon is the most classic and charming of all natural shapes. With its constant rhythm it performs its eternal dance:

It wanes and waxes, disappears, and reappears. This continuous return to the original shape, this endless regularity causes the Moon to perform a pirouetting dance of modular geometries. And it is these geometries that give rise to the new reception systems. Series 20 that makes use of its rhythm and modularity to furnish spaces both large and small.

Features : 

The height of 113 cm favors personal inter-relationship
The straight modules in lengths of 100 and 160 cm and the 60 degree and 90 degree curved models, it traces custom-made geometries, creating solutions that are attractive, functional and reconfigurable.
The elegant wood version has an acid-etched glass top to match with dark oak, light oak and cherry finish of the fronts, shelves and closing sides.
To emphasize the roundness of the wood Series 20 reception unit, aluminium-coloured horizontal profiles are inserted into the front panel
Series 20 provides special attention foe the physically impaired user by making available a special module. The system is completed with wire management, the shutter cabinet unit and the drawer unit.

Please note that this product is not available in some country. Details upon request

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