The product designed is specifically for executives to respond users directly to the product, to add even more comfortable.

Both functions use. Options are available to add as a return unit characteristics goods two tone as well as the facilities of Credenza Unit that will allow users to store items you use regularly, and the easy to be used.


  • VENEER TOP Magnificence is expressed with a newly elegance and distinctive 36mm. thickness of selective veneer finishes. Preselected melamine finishes are also available.
  • COATED GLASS TOP  An alternative of 12mm. coated glass top in white or black are available in standard return desk.
  • RAISED WORKSURFACE   A stepped worksurface from return separates zones between daily working and extra-belonging to keep both areas well-organized. A Flipper soft close axial comforts is provided at return top for power and data access.
  • CABINET UNIT  Cabinet cover (top and sides) is designed in an extremely slim edge with the 12mm. thickness. It covers a single cabinet and set of cabinets, choices of selection.
  • CREDENZA  A product that is designed to assist in placing the notebook computer file cabinet suit more modern and easy to reach out to use.
  • INTELLIGENCE WIRING RACEWAY   An intelligence wiring system is hidden underneath the worksurface, to deliver all wires and cables from wiring tray to floor, which make the working atmosphere looks more neat, harmony and aesthetic.
  • INTELLIGENCE FLIPPER GROMMET  A newly designed aluminum flipper grommet for cable connection in a conference desk which comes with soft-closed mechanism to ensure smooth and quiet motion. Beyond it provides the flexibility for the user to gently open from both sides.
  • INTELLIGENCE FLIPPER ELECTRIC SOCKET  A newly designed aluminum flipper electric socket Open - closed electrically. To facilitate more does not require a lot of pressure Just tap the switch as needed. The system will enable us to work normally.