Image is reflected by the people's feeling through the analysis and the recognition which is the belief and the attitude to wards things.

Beyond the new generation executives have the ability in management, the modish and elegant images are more vital tools to enhance the competitive performance.

Thus, we are inspired by these issues to design new executive series. VICTOR has a meticulous design by emphasizing a requisition and completely supporting executive's lifestyle. It offers truly unique experience that redefines the definition of modern luxury office furniture.

Execlusive experience is the concept design of victor which designer and specialist are minded in every process. Whether the chamfer technique to make a top desk and the aluminum legs?looking slim. Anintelligent wiring management which wire is concealed inside the legs.

Beyond the comprehensive ranges of furnishing solution are available to satisfy and support all expectations. Victor ensures the user to work in comfortable, appropriate and flexible and flexible environment with several purposes, both for indivdual working and small meeting area. It can be seen that this executive set is efficient to solve all issues with modish, luxury and solid design.