Our soft seating ranges are the bridge between formal clarity, elegance and comfort. Our ranges have what it takes to become classic, timeless and prestigious design whether in a private area, a lounge or a reception area. There are different designs for different applications.

S1 SEATING.  Our chairs are assembled with high quality material and components, featuring high density molded foam seat cushion that conforms to your body movement. This providing excellent stress relieving comfort and enhance better blood circulation. Wide range of fabric is available for selection to match your overall color scheme.

S2 SUPPORTING. Our chairs provide comfortable, full body sedentary support of which you can sit in at least eight hours without encountering back strains, neck pains or overall body aches. Our chair design was inspired by the simple fact that each of users is unique. The position we sit and move in our chair are subtly different too. We constantly find a better way to provide individual comfort and support.

S3 SYNCHRONIZING. A fully adjustable chair is indisputable the must features in which a decent chair should have. Back height adjustable, seat depth and arm support should all be adjustable to better support you in any position. An ergonomic chair should have pneumatic lever adjustment to adjust the seat height. A tension knob allows you to adjust reclining back rest to proper with your body weight. Also an adequate back rest for curvature your spine while providing lumbar support. An appropriate ergonomic designed chair, hence, should accommodate people with a wide range of body size and posture.

  • MYRIAD Unlock the creativity with modular forming, adaptive and glamorous community style. A collection dedicated to contemporary design with various choices of vibrant and new upholstered stripe fabrics for perfectly match with any perspective.
  • LIBERTY A very modest elegance, bold classicism-Liberty is ideal for waiting area, management office or conference area. The beautiful design and elegantly used of material are perfect combination for any styles of decor.
  • HAMEL The squarish form defines the shape and function.Hamel set is made up of elegant coffee table and sofa in 3 pieces which include right, left end pieces, and a center piece
  • KNIGHT The big cushy chairs in the lounge area of old have given way to a more contemporary version. With timber leg to add an elegant touch, knight defines a good working lounge chair as one that achieves a balance between ergonomic and appearance.
  • WALKER Embodies the comeback of classical modernism,it combines high design quality with perfect seating comfort.A design language that strikes a balance between serenity andvibe is our design concept.
  • SF It is designed with simplicity, gentle appearance and superb comfort to make everyone feel easy and relax. Its soft and modern design adapts well in a broad range of applications.
  • ORANGE  Clean cubic lines on the outside, charming and soft on the inside. Whether you choose the small armchair or the sofa for a neat, compact arrangement or the wide armchair and the full-length sofas for a generously proportional elegant suite. Orange allows you to group the seating arrangement to harmonize with any interior decor.
  • COSY Closing your eyes and leaning back comfortably to discover yourself falling into the bliss of relaxation and peacefulness is a perfect definition of our Cosy. It is designed with selections of high and standard medium back units, combined with optional side table to complete your design.