Ideal for a swift change the workspace to myriad collaborative patterns.

New mobile freestanding table, connectable with ganging set for more sturdiness. Complete the innumerable forms with trapezoid and hexagon table to upgrade the standard row configuration.  With trapezoid shape table at the middle, a sine wave configuration is created, hence an effective training atmosphere are in your control. Personal belongings are finely organized in belonging shelf.

Meticulously designed for intensive and collaborative communication, thus the conference form creating synergy ideas and solutions within a group of colleagues. Extendable seat capacity is plausible, as needed. High flexibility to arrange in either open or close configuration per selection from varies sizes of table.

With assorted shapes, innumerable configurations can be created. Set up and store the meeting table is easier. The excessive tables can be composed to serve other purposes in minutes, or nested to conserve space.Limitless possibilities to suit with each discussion layout, open- or close-type. Hexagon table allows creating “V” configuration that supports presentation and teleconference.

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