Ideal for a swift change the workspace to perfectly match each collaborative patterns; training, lecturing, classroom, workshop session, discussion, group meeting, conferencing, convention, presentation and etc.

Myriad configurations are possible. Complete the innumerable forms with trapezoid and hexagon table to upgrade the standard row configuration, which depends on the intensive and collaborative communication's requirement. Personal belongings are finely organized in belonging shelf.

Features :

  • Our new mobile folding table is available in 3 shapes - rectangular, trapezoid and hexagon. New depths, 500 mm. and 700 mm., are introduced that reflected from the actual usage requirements and space saving trend in minimal space utilization.
  • Rectangular table is available in 5 widths : 1200, 1400, 1500, 1600 and 1800 mm, and 2 new depths : 500 and 700 mm. 
  • Hexagon table is available in 2 widths : 1287 and 1622 mm. for connecting with 500 mm. and 700 mm. depths respectively. 
  • Trapezoid table is available in 10 widths : 1287, 1487, 1587, 1687 and 1887 mm. for connecting with 500 mm. depth tables and 1322, 1522, 1622, 1722 and 1922 mm. for connecting with 700 mm. depth tables.
  • Matched color options between top (25 mm. thick particle board - E1 grade) and edge-banding (2 mm PVC) are pre-selected for your preference.
  • New leg design is introduced for easy nesting and as a space saving solution.  However, nesting the different table widths is not recommended.
  • Modesty, 1.2 mm. epoxy powder coated steel, is provided for all tables.
  • Optional belonging shelves, which are made of seamless rectangular epoxy powder coated tube, are designed to perfectly match and fit with each table width.
  • There are 2 locking castors on the seat side to keep the table configuration in shape. Easily locking by pressing the paddle and lifting up to unlock.
  • All types come with ganging set for connecting between tables and make them more sturdiness. A set of ganging, nylon-6 plastic, is provided for both rectangular and trapezoid table.  Two sets are provided for Hexagon table that more flexibility in connecting at front or sides as needed. An extra ganging can be purchased at later stage, if required.
  • Wiring management: netbox-global type or netbox with netbox supporter can be attached with top of table, if power is needed.  However, it must be removed before folding the table.

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