The components are designed with a purpose. It easily accommodates changes in configuration, changes to cabling requirements, and changes in height. Their range of sizes, configurations, worksurface shapes, andfinishes, allow them to be adapted to the design and finish of any space from contemporary to transitional.

Features :

  • Available in 10 standard laminates are available with PVC edge trim and 3 standard laminates with T-mold edge trim. The edging provides smooth transitions and design flexibility between all desks, regardless of shape or application.
  • Standard table comes with height adjustable legs and locking casters. Provides customer with maximum flexibility to meet their work requirement.
  • With wide variety of shape, tables may be put together in various configuration and accepting multiple accessories. Customers can create more productive and cohesive teaming environment in the work place.
  • Adjustable height legs have 15 cm of adjustability allowing tables to nest under worksurfaces or go to counter height. Increasing space efficiency and providing better ergonomic solutions.
  • Table legs and all other steel components are powder coated. It provides better durability for mobile environments.
  • Components are highly adaptable, simple to arrange, and designed to respond quickly to change.
  • Work well alone or in support of existing furniture.
  • Supports dynamic team environments, easily evolving with employee and company needs.
  • Ideally for temporary work areas for contract and visiting employees, and for instant project and conference rooms. The tables can create a conference area, easily transform into individual workstations within minutes.
  • Seat-tops available in seating fabric selections. Makes a comfortable seat from a functional pedestal, and provides greater design flexibility with the ability to introduce seating fabrics into work settings.

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