"LEAN" is not changing the whole idea of panel system but we fulfill and support the needs in working experience. "LEAN" is emphasizing and concentrating on what is necessary in the workstation, which makes "LEAN" solves most of problems for creating workstations in the office.
"LEAN" is a full modular and stackable panel system, which provides great flexibility in re lay-outing the office floor plan. Rockworth"s design team is keen to create a better aesthetic in office environment; therefore, "LEAN" is designed to support to provide a pleasant office atmosphere both vertically and horizontally.

Features : 


  • Steel fully welded frame with thickness of 65 mm. stackable panel system provides a great strength with its slim design.Versatility
  • The stackable tile frames are available in variety of heights - 1072, 1232, 1392, 1552, 1712, 1872, 2032, and 2191 mm. The varieties of height can create the right privacy for the right purpose such as call center, manager room, reception, meeting room and etc.
  • Tile frame provides varieties of width (from 600 - 1200 mm.) to fulfill both functionality and aesthetic in workstations.


  • The full modular panel system with reconfigurability to support various work functions.
  • User friendly panel system which easy to dissemble and installation for relocating offices.
  • Most parts are non-handed; therefore it comforts the flexibilities in re-layout and reconfigured workstations.

Space Savings

  • The 65 mm. thickness of stackable tile frame provides greatly space management in a large office floor plan.
  • Varieties of cabinets to provide greater vertical space utilization and reducing usage of horizontal space with mini cabinet, over head cabinet and lower cabinet.
  • Wide range of worksurface sizes to create a right productive worksurface in a right amount of floor area usage. (worksurface depth from 500, 600, 700, 750 and 800 mm. depth).  

Aesthetic / Function

  • Wide variety of tiles, including tackable acoustic, glazed, debossed, perforated, pass through, fabric, wood, whiteboard, mesh and functional tile element. Both visual design and function can be tailored to meet the demands of the project, and customized within individual workstations.
  • Extended stacking tile with glazed element (Up to 1800W) creates a seamless impression and to increase the usage of natural light in the office environment.
  • Both leg panels and base trim panels are available to fulfill both see through and enclosed privacy to fit the office environment.

Wiring Management

  • The power access can be placed above worksurfaces, below worksurfaces and at floor level. The varieties of locations for power outlet can be selected. It supports both desk top and note book users for tidiness and ease of accessing to the outlet. It complies both traditional hard wiring and plug & play system.
  • All frames are standard with lay-in wire management capability in base trim. Lay-in capability saves time and money during installation and reconfiguration.


  • Integratable with other existing product line of Rockworth.
  • Intensively thinking process to make the "Hybrid system" becomes stabilized. To combine both "a.LINE" and "LEAN" together to create a right privacy in each part of the workstation and yet provide great function from "LEAN" and "a.LINE" in the office.
  • Both "a.LINE" and "LEAN" grid lines are in the same alignment to create a unity of both series into one, when they are combined.