ROCKWORTH S.88 is Designed to offer an endless ergonomically correct solutions to the many and varied computer based job functions in today's office environment.

Features : 

  • S.88 offers conceptual design and flexibility of a true furniture system at a competitive price. Customers can enjoy a true functional system without committing a unreasonable amount of company budget to the purchase of systems furniture.
  • S.88 offers an exceptionally broad ranges of panels, worksurfaces and storage cabinets. Customers can develop endless configuration of workstations based on functional requirement.
  • Lay-in top and base pathways are standard in every panel with vertical wire way is coming as an option for wire management capability. Sufficient power and data capacity for the vast majority of applications. Lay-in capability makes installation easier and faster. Cabling can be routed on the base pathways continuously throughout the facility.
  • Extensive panel offering: Fabric Panels, Curved Fabric Panels and Glazed Panels, Glazed Panels, and Panel Door. Many options available for your personal requirement, affordable and efficient office environment.
  • Panels are 50 mm. Thick. No unanticipated dimensional growth in the plan. Floor space is optimized. Ease of planning.
  • Panel-mounted worksurface can be mounted to panels at any height on 25 mm. (1 inch) increments. Position can be customized to meet the basic needs of the seated worker.
  • 10 standard laminates in Melamine, Veneer and High-pressure laminates are available with PVC edge trim. PVC edge provides smooth transitions between all desks, regardless of shape or application.
  • Worksurfaces can be supported by cantilevers, panel-supported brackets, side support, and freestanding pedestals. Worksurface support options provide tremendous flexibility in design and reconfiguration. Individual worksurfaces can be connected to the panel on one end and treated as freestanding desks on the other.
  • Overhead cabinets are available with painted, wood, or fabric-covered finishes. Greater options accommodate a variety of designs.

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