Desking system has been designed to support any formats of usage based on user's need.

Moreover, Desking System also provides the office space allocated efficiently with maximum benefits. With the simple look but full of diversified untility, Desking System surely satisfies user's requirements and create an impression to the office. PLATFORM has been developed to be conform to today's life style and society. A piece of modesty is invented and developed to be used with Double Desking, and Cluster Desking seamlessly to enhance the feeling of privacy and security for users.


  • GROMMET FOR DOUBLE DESK   Developed design defines the multi-functional provided which not only for wiring runs up to the desk top. Grommet has been also designed inside of the universal track as well.
  • CLAMP FOR DOUBLE DESK   For Double desk, Clamp has been adjusted its form and structure in order to pinch or grip both mirror and wooden screens just by changing the support rubbers.
  • FLIPPER GROMMET (soft close)  Simple design of open flip is provided for conveniently reach to power tray from the desk top that makes more pramatic movement.
  • HOUSING   Provide comfortable and convenient reach to the power tray.
  • SHARED LEG   Designed to support interactive movements and the inside space is for organizing all wires.
  • GLIDER   For table height adjustment, approximately 200 mm. adjustable.
  • SIDE SCREEN   Define the space with selectable boards to create more privacy but enable to contact with colleagues.
  • END SCREEN (fabric)   End screen has been redesigned to be thinner but still durable. There is no gap between the table and the screen anymore.
  • SCREEN ON TOP (fabric, glass)  The screen has a new design by adjusting the height of aluminum rail down to a level that can be easily reached.
  • ACCESSORIES HANGING WORKTOOLS   Designed to support daily comprehension activities and workstyles with achievement in vertical space.
  • MODESTY (fabric, steel)   Both Modesty have been redesigned with spacing of 170 mm. from the front desk. That provides a sufficient space for visitors while sitting.