The flexible solution to internal architectural question.

S.99 INTERWALL is a fully de-mountable, interior wall and full height storage system, offering a modular, systems solution to office partitioning and storage requirements. The modular construction and co-ordinated finishes of S.99 INTERWALL, Facilitates the suiting of all interior walls including, structural /masonry cladding, Solid and glazed partitions, door, single and double sided storage walls. All frames and panels are factory finished allowing fast, simple installation and reconfiguration. The ease with which S.99 INTERWALL can be reconfigured, allows a company to operate at peak efficiency as internal moves or re-allocation of space that would, (because of cost and disturbance) normally be left until absolutely critical, can be achieved with minimal disturbance and at very little cost. 


  • STORAGE WALLS S.99 are the most efficient use of vertical storage space, giving 20-30% saving in floor area.
  • AESTHETIC The combination of solid, glazed or half glazed partitions with the numerous storage options, cost effective environment and one that looks as good as it works.
  • ENERGY DISTRIBUTION AND CABLE MANAGEMENT All partitions and storage wall units feature a full cable management system, with optional power, data and communication outlets.

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