Rubix By the design to enhance the staff’s capacity with maximum efficiency. “RUBIX series” have been designed with various forms. Flexibility of RUBIX series make the user adjust the placement and configuration as their needs easily. With a simple look but still modern, and full of options for supporting individual’s behavior, “RUBIX series” is the best answer for all lifestyles reflecting what you are.


  • More than combining the unique identity of each individual is to encourage discussion and sharing performance from each other. “RUBIX series contribute teamwork conditions in order to reach accomplishment of work. In addition, it has been also designed to support distinction on the way you are.


  • To create a new definition of design which meets the requirements of work-style and maximizes performance efficiency, RUBIX series have been also designed to reach the requirements of the executive as well. Luxury design, luxury lifestyle.


  • To deliver your inspiration into your area, “RUBIX series” should be the first choice. It’s not the area for team-working only, but also for individual working to reach the achievement. RUBIX series have been designed with various materials to provide more functions and be suitable for your lifestyle with maximum efficiency.