Rockworth SpaceWorks Inspiration Center

VISIT our SpaceWorks Inspiration Center, inside of our inspiring workspace,  you will find and test modern office solutions following the latest trends.

For us, office is the place where ideas, creativity, innovation and success  become real. From here we started to concept SpaceWorks Inspiration  Center, the science of integrated solutions to create a modern office – It is a  place where people gather, share and connect.

The SpaceWork Inspiration Centre is an indication of our continuous  development. It is not only an exhibition of the latest furniture solutions in  attractive arrangements, but also a place where we would like to hold  inspiring discussions and share our knowledge and experience with others.  Using our unique know-how, we would like to inspire our partners and  educate them on how to arrange healthy, effective and employee-friendly  workspaces.

You will also learn how to arrange a new space with the use of zones  supporting kind of every day activities based on a new ecosystem  workspace. Furthermore, you will also see that an office can impact its  users, increase the joy of work, boost their comfort and effectiveness  leading to a better productivity. 

Why is it worth visiting the SpaceWork Experience Center?

  • You will see how global trends influence in designing modern offices    
  • You will discover innovative technologies used in the building and workspace
  • You will find out how an office space can increase the joy of work, comfort, wellbeing and productivity
  • You will see inspiring and diverse spaces arranged with our products and  become understand the new idea of the office and your workspace

Our SpaceWorks Experience Centre is a place that combines inspiration  with education in the field of arranging effective and functional office  spaces for modern office. In the area covering xxxx m2 we have paid  attention to detail to ensure our experience center represents the best  workspace model.

Visit us and discover our SpaceWorks Experience Center.

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