Modern Workspace

Responding to the needs of a flexible workforce and the role of the office to facilitate collaboration and socialization, the office as we know it is changing. It no longer needs to accommodate assigned desks. Different teams will have their own work styles, patterns and preferences and companies will need to redesign office spaces to suit that, while enabling culture and strengthening organizational purpose.

This framework is critical in moving forward. Businesses will need to find a balance between offering too much or too little of each space type. The focus should be on creating an equitable working experience, whether employees are participating in-person or remotely. Future workplaces will be where people, technology, and processes can integrate seamlessly to enable highly productive work. It will be a place of instant and seamless flow between the physical and virtual workplaces. A digitally enabled workplace is now a necessity.

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Designing the Hybrid Office

Prior to the pandemic, most businesses saw the office as a place where people could get their work done. Post-pandemic, the office will serve only as a secondary location to complete tasks or hold routine meetings, particularly for knowledge workers.


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