Task Chair

Stylish, capable and absolutely affordable are the keywords describing our task chairs. They are simple and easy to use, yet maintaining our commitment in providing design and quality. Our chair ranges oftering suitable to any office style from traditional to madern.

S1 SEATING.  Our chairs are assembled with high quality material and components, featuring high density molded foam seat cushion that conforms to your body movement. This providing excellent stress relieving comfort and enhance better blood circulation. Wide range of fabric is available for selection to match your overall color scheme.

S2 SUPPORTING. Our chairs provide comfortable, full body sedentary support of which you can sit in at least eight hours without encountering back strains, neck pains or overall body aches. Our chair design was inspired by the simple fact that each of users is unique. The position we sit and move in our chair are subtly different too. We constantly find a better way to provide individual comfort and support.

S3 SYNCHRONIZING. A fully adjustable chair is indisputable the must features in which a decent chair should have. Back height adjustable, seat depth and arm support should all be adjustable to better support you in any position. An ergonomic chair should have pneumatic lever adjustment to adjust the seat height. A tension knob allows you to adjust reclining back rest to proper with your body weight. Also an adequate back rest for curvature your spine while providing lumbar support. An appropriate ergonomic designed chair, hence, should accommodate people with a wide range of body size and posture.


  • ARTI An artistic design combines with articulated flexible ergonomic functions, provides an excellent comfort and correct seating for individuals.
  • VEGAS Innovative seating defines the excellent balance support for any positions with ergonomic features.
  • MORPH This design is primarily focused on forward and backward slide while sitting. MORPH, a chair dessigned for ergonomics working.
  • FLASH As innovative seat design the most flexible and compatible seat and backrest are created from high quality mesh to support all body movement while sitting on a chair, called FLASH. More comfortable seat, more efficient performance gained from everyday working. FLASH, ergonomics chair.
  • QM Q-mesh the innovative designer's office seating. Designed with the maximum comfort in mind, suitable for all modern offices. 
  • SENES Innovative seating design with seat slide adjustment and maximum ergonomically comfort for any postural position.
  • KUDO Neat and simple designs provide fully support for long working hours.
  • RIO Splash the colors to the utmost reflect your identity, relax and comfort with spacious back support.
  • WISH  Is designed to be simple and focused on the softness of the seat and multireclining position which based on ergonomics. WISH is a high quality chair comparing with other models but anyone can afford.
  • ARIAL Outstanding with attractive fixed armrest and lumbar support feature to promote any ergonomic postural position.
  • ROUTE Essential performance to support daily work and relaxation
  • WAVE Topstitching detail integate with innovation idea bring the perfect moment of work.
  • BEAT Cool down your back temperature with advanced gentle mesh, allows you to concentrate and relax concurrently.
  • TIDY Will reduce your fatigue from work the seating item which designed by user ergonomics while sitting. The part of seating is expanded in order to support knees and relax leg muscles while sitting.
  • SWIFT Makes you feel comfortable, and no back pain the backrest is designed to support lock adjustment and able to be rotated in all directions for weight loss.
  • WIN  Promise the profrofessional image with flair design.