At Rockworth, we create inspiring workspace that supports people to do their best work.

We believe that an inspiring environment increase the joy of work, comfort, wellbeing and productivity. 


Certain type of office’s environment will cause distractions and slow down the productivity.
It would be a huge factor since not everyone is having the same agenda or tasks. BOX comes with solution along the acoustic pod that support “Privacy on Demand”. We aim to assist and manage space solution that reduce distractions and encourage collaboration, boost well-being and increase productivity. Everyone will experience working peacefully within familiar open-office environment.


The URBAN collection maintains all the functionality of a height-adjustable table in the most economical ways possible Y&I LEG DESK – The design was inspired by the new working behavior and smart working concepts which our Desk will be more than stable and have the ability to support your all day working. Since 3-stage columns promote stability, standing, smooth movement and durability throughout the usage.

SYNC for Agile Working.

Creating Space for productive and creative work with SYNC There is a need for more flexibility when it comes to Agile working. For more productive and creative work entire offices must be flexible allow spontaneous meeting and assembled in no time.
Sync allows to redesign the space, simply put your own work desk together with colleagues’ work desk when and where it makes sense to work / meet / connect effectively. All components can be individually combined and allow great freedom depending on work requirement.

Condeco Workspace Booking Software.

The future of work made ease.
Get more from your workdays through speedy booking of the meeting and personal spaces you need.

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Modern Workspace

Modern Workspace
Responding to the needs of a flexible workforce and the role of the office to facilitate collaboration and socialization, the office as we know it is changing. It no longer needs to accommodate assigned desks. Different teams will have their own work styles, patterns and preferences and companies will need to redesign office spaces to suit that, while enabling culture and strengthening organizational purpose.

Rockworth SpaceWorks Inspiration Center

VISIT our SpaceWorks Inspiration Center, inside of our inspiring workspace, you will find and test modern office solutions following the latest trends.

Modern Furniture.

Be Inspired by
Rockworth Collection.

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