HAF Modular Lounge Seating


HAF modular lounge seating provides solutions for flexible office environment by offering comfort structures with visual and acoustic privacy that support people’s needs for a variety of work The extensive collection offers one, two or three seat sofa with high, mid and low back units, benches, tables, curved modules, and freestanding booths ideal for smaller or larger configurations. The modular design of the HAF seating systems allows the user to maximize both the visual impact and functionality of their space. With its vast range of units, varied back heights and exceptional modularity, High back units offer comfort and privacy and suite perfectly with low back seating, benches and tables. A variety options, seating can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and paired with legs of wood, black or silver powder-coating. A power module can be incorporated to the sofa to allow for quick connected and keep devices charged The free-standing unit can be placed anywhere in the office and can move to suit users who require flexibility in the workplace. Internally-routed cable management facilitates power and data solutions built into the panel. Comfortable seating and upholstered walls create a perfect spot for multimedia presentations or video- conferencing. Work free from the distractions that come with working in a modern and open plan workspace. Media booth with acoustic and visual privacy provides a semi-private collaborative meeting area in the open office. This shared booth gives it a high level of acoustic performance – shielding the user from noise.

Please see detail in HAF Brochure

– Modular units offer a flexible solution that can create multiply configurations in large landscapes or small informal areas.
– The free-standing unit can be placed anywhere in the office and can move to suit users’need.
– An acoustic high back unit offers comfort and privacy offering and suites perfectly with mid back, low back and bench unit that encourage interaction.
– Corner pieces allow for more application
– Integrated power and data for quick connected and keep devices charged.

Frame — Solid wood frame
Foam — High density foam, fabric or vinyl uphostered
Base — Wooden legs or Powder-coating steel

Uphostery — Fabric G2-G3/Vinly (please refer to Materials & Finishes document)
Base — Wooden legs or black/silver powder-coating
Table tops — Available in variety of options (please refer to Materials & Finishes document)

Power & Data – Optional AC and USB module

5 years

BIFMA Certified/SCS Certified

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