WE+THINK Personal Pods


The office relies on teamwork and collaboration to function effectively. Despite this, key tasks sometimes require greater focus or privacy where the user needs a quiet, concentrated environment.

Acoustic solution for open plan, WE+THINK is a range of acoustic work areas created to make public spaces private. In any open plan work area there are times when you need to find your own space.

WE+Think system enables various configurations by pla ring stand-alone units or back-to-back. We+think modular design can be easily extended and reconfigured to suit your changing needs.

Please refer to WE+THINK brochure

Please refer to WE+THINK brochure

– Acoustic panels
– Designed to allow various configurations and reconfigurations
– Customized finishes — Panels are made of 2 fabric pieces: inner and outer of the panel. Panels can have the same or different colors.
– Cable management — We+Think tables have various options for cable management support. The choices can be integral power cut into the work surface, or lift up flaps to access a cable tray beneath or a simple 80 mm grommet hole. It will depend on the application; but whichever choice is made the aesthetic will remain clean and functional.
– Available in High table top option

5 years

BIFMA Certified / SCS Certified

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