BRIDGE Privacy Pods


BRIDGE is all about bringing people together and providing a peaceful space to have a meeting, conference call or some time to concentrate on your own. Designed to function equally well in existing or new spaces, these open to semi-private meeting enclaves can be positioned anywhere and require no elaborate construction to create a custom built-in feel. Supremely comfortable and exceptionally versatile, BRIDGE is the essential collective for communicating, working and inspiring one another to achieve more.

W2400 x D1600 x H3100 (mm)

Please refer to BRIDGE brochure

– Designed to provide a quiet area for anything from focused work and meetings with up to 4 people.
– The sound-absorbing design and comfortable foam seating make this a great alternative for when you need to gather quickly, but don’t need to book an entire conference room.
– Designed for easy assembly
– Comfortable foam seating
– Integrated lighting
– Two entry-design

5 years

BIFMA Certified / SCS Certified

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